Natural slates are a very durable roof covering. The slate used may come from all over the world, but traditionally in Ireland, slate would be sourced in Wales.

Natural slate roofs can last hundreds of years. The slates themselves are extremely durable. Due to the weight of the slates, slippage can occur quickly once is starts. In such cases, the slates are redressed to form a smaller slate and reused in the re-roofing. We have completed a large number of re-slating projects on historical buildings, including court houses, religious building and period homes.

Traditionally, slates were pegged (now nailed) with a little lime mortar used at the top of the slates, known as 'spot bedding'. Some slaters also point up the roofs, using lime mortar to fill joints and gaps under the Front edges of the slates. Internally, more lime mortar was applied directly to the underside of the slate. This is the earliest method of slating, dating from the eighteenth century. Seamus friel and sons ltd have completed a number of slating projects using this technique.

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